Grow pipeline with automated conversation

Get more leads by talking to your website visitors! No more long forms. Lower the threshold for buyers and answer relevant questions to capture buyers earlier in their buying journey.

Digital B2B sales is here

  • Make every visitor count
    Get value for the money you spend on driving traffic to your website. Make sure all visitors get what they came for.
  • Join the buying process early
    Don't wait for a visitor to fill in a form. Start guiding potential customers as soon as they enter your website.
  • More leads
    Make it easier for visitors to book meetings with you. Nudge the hesitant in the right direction.
  • Qualify leads
    Make sure your sales reps don't waste time on the wrong people. Ask relevant questions that sort out people who don't need an appointment to get help.
Radio waves

Say the right thing, at the right time.


Lower the threshold for potential buyers

It takes a lot for a visitor to convert into a lead. There is a gray area between visit and booked meeting that has previously been hard to access, but with Ebbot it is now possible to respond to buyers at the right point in the buying process. Provide the right information at the right time, and guide potential buyers through decisions. Shorten sales cycles and save a lot of time on unnecessary meetings.

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