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Build chatbots with ease. Anyone can do it. Drag and drop. Dynamic ways of answering customers. Create complex customer journeys in seconds.
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Complex made simple

  • No coding required
    Everything in our studio is drag and drop. Anyone can pick it up and start building bots right away.
  • Do like the experts
    Our reply-cards are designed with an amazing customer experience in mind. Our projects with some of the best customer service organizations in the country are the basis for what you can create in our studio.
  • Customizable
    There are no limits to how much you can customize, anything from the replies the bot gives to the widget itself. Create integrations to your in house built systems and make your widget scream your brand.
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Congratulations. You're now a bot-builder.

Drag and drop
No coding skills required. Set up questions and answers with a state of the art, easy to use user interface.
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Cards for every type of reply
Instead of just simple text replies, use interactive cards for an enhanced user experience and faster interactions.
interactive cards
Custom cards
Create your own replies with your own integrations. Edit your own code. Make the bot an intelligent extension of all your systems, accessible to anyone.
bank id integration
Train thousands of questions at once
By categorizing words into what we call "entities", Ebbot can be trained on thousands of questions at once. The responses can then be synced with a database to find out everything from inventory status to specific features on an entire product catalog.
train phrases ai bot
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Hello Ebbot's product is smart and intuitive and we have only positive experiences with the partnership.

- Mikaela Loch
Customer Experience Team Lead, Nelly.com
Hello Ebbot's product is smart and intuitive and we have only positive experiences with the partnership.

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