The debt collection company coeo Sweden takes its customer service to the next level by introducing an automatic translation feature in its live chat. With the new feature, users can now get real-time support in any language they prefer.

coeo Sweden was founded in 2022, is part of the coeo Group and is a pioneer in incorporating smart technology to deliver efficient and customer-centric debt collection.

In 2023, coeo Sweden has focused on improving the accessibility and user experience in its customer support. They rolled out a live chat in the spring, swiftly followed by an AI chatbot designed to handle common queries and provide support around the clock.

They are now taking the customer experience to the next level by activating Ebbot's latest feature for automatically translating live chat conversations:

"Language should never be a barrier to great service. With this new translation feature, we're proud to offer a service that's accessible to everyone, regardless of the language they speak," says Henrik Ask, CCO at coeo.

The new feature enables smooth and efficient translation between advisor and debtor in real-time, regardless of language. This breaks down language barriers, which is particularly crucial in a sensitive industry like debt collection.

In addition to the multilingual live chat, coeo has plans to enhance the intelligence of its chatbot with generative AI through EbbotGPT. EbbotGPT, developed by the Swedish company Ebbot, is tailored for customer service with secure data handling within Europe.

About coeo group

Established in 2010, coeo group is now one of the most successful debt collection service providers in Europe. Combining smart and modern solutions with in-depth knowledge of debt collection, coeo group delivers efficient and customer-focused debt collection through the expertise of its employees and the use of artificial intelligence. For more information, visit coeos website.

About Ebbot

Ebbot was founded in 2018 and is now one of Sweden's leading platforms for Live Chat and Chatbot solutions. With extensive experience in customer service, powerful integrations, and a user-friendly platform, Ebbot helps companies automate and streamline their online customer support without compromising the customer experience. The platform is currently used by major Swedish and international players such as Compass Group, Rusta, NetOnNet and Estrid, as well as several energy companies and municipalities.