Case Studies

Learn how businesses like yours are using ebbot to attract, engage, and support customers.
How the membership organization Aktiespararna reached a new target group with Messenger broadcasting.
How Outnorth delivers expert advice at scale with AI-powered Product Finders.
How the Swedish razor company Estrid took their customer experience to the next level with an AI chatbot.
A love story between a robot & one of the best customer service teams in Sweden.
How Elon increased the session value by 30% by making their filtering experience more initutive.
How a chatbot took Eidar's customer support to the next level.
How Kraftringen manage to decrease 22% of all incoming phone calls.
How Rusta managed to save 30 % in support costs by automating their support.
How GodEl helped customers change to an hourly rate 20x faster.

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