We take your privacy seriously. That's why we've put together a policy so you know how we handle your data. Having said that, we also recommend reading this page to sleep well at night. 

Personal data responsibility

Hello Ebbot AB with corporate identity number 559148-4729 ("Ebbot"), is the data controller for the processing of personal data on this website, platform and related services.

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Information we collect

In order to provide the best service and experience possible, we collect and manage information about you and how you use Ebbot's services. We collect the following information:

Identification information and contact details

Information that you or your employer provide to us in the form of information about you (User Information) or your company (Customer Data). This includes your name, address, e-mail, telephone number, corporate identity number and, in some cases, social security numbers, as well as other information that you or your employer provide to us in case of questions, customer service matters and when you request information.

Technical information

For example the information we collect automatically when you visit or external pages where Ebbot's chat is located – which is for instance technical information about the type of device you are using, your IP address, browser, operating system, computer type, location.

It's also information about your visit, such as what you've done on the pages, links you've clicked on to get to or leave our pages, which of our pages you've been on, how long you've visited each page, how you've interacted with our different pages (clicks, scrolled, etc.), date and time, and more

Handling of personal data for you as a user of Ebbot's services

As a user of Ebbot Chat (Chatbot), The personal data that we at Ebbot collect and manage about you as a user of Ebbot Chat may be:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Connection to corporate identity number
  • IP-adress
  • Information about your usage on Ebbot services and website
personal data processing
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How we collect information about you

The information we collect about you comes from the following sources:

From you or your employer

Information that you or your employer provides directly to us is collected when ordering services from us, when submitting expressions of interest for any of our current or future services, customer service issues or other matters over the phone, chat or email.

Automatically collected information

Information that is automatically collected about you when you are on one of our websites is collected through cookies and similar digital tools.

Collection from other public sources

We also collect information about you and your company from other publicly available sources, this may include data protection registers, credit assessment information, and data from other operators and partners.

Legal basis for processing data

In order to collect and manage your data within the framework of applicable data protection legislation, there must be a legal basis. Ebbot processes your personal data based on four legal grounds below: 
  • The information is necessary for us to fulfill the agreement with you
  • The data are necessary for us to be able to fulfill the legal obligation of Ebbot
  • Handling your data may be done after a balance of interests
  • The data may be processed with your consent to process certain data

Below we have specified when your data is used and what legal basis we have to handle your data and for what purposes.

Your information stored for the purpose of providing our service

User information (name, phone number and email) given in connection with ordering account to login to Ebbot App which is necessary to fulfill our agreement with you. The same also applies to other administrators to whom the customer chooses to grant administration rights.

Information about you in other communications about our services

Information collected when we contact you with information about your or your company's existing services with us and when you have contact with us in case of support or other questions, email and chat history and summary notes are kept over calls.

These can later be used to understand if you had previous questions for us, to educate new employees, improve our routines and working methods so that we always develop our services to be as good as possible for you as a customer. The legal basis for processing your personal data for these purposes is considered to be 

1 . Necessary to complete the agreement with you and 3. balance of interests, the latter as these tasks help us deliver and develop our services to be as good as possible.

Development of our services

In order for us to develop our services, operations and processes, we handle, compile and analyze data about you and our other customers. We do this so that we can constantly offer you the best services possible. The legal basis for handling this data is deemed to be the balance of interests.

Information about you that is handled and saved for marketing purposes

In order to promote and disseminate information about our services directly to you, we handle different information about you and your behaviors on, for example, our website. For example, you might see us more in ad boxes when you browse other pages on the Internet, receive emails, texts, calls, or letters from us. We also use this information to make various statistical compilations and analyses. The legal basis for handling this data is deemed to be 3. Balance of interests.

Data we handle to prevent misuse of our services

We handle information about you to ensure the security of our services, to prevent and detect use that violates our terms and conditions or the law. This data is handled on a legal basis 1. the information is necessary for us to be able to complete the agreement with you and as in some cases it is a legal obligation for Ebbot.

Information we handle about you for the purpose of complying with legal obligations

In order for us to be able to live up to the legal obligations that we meet, we handle information about you. As these are requirements from other regulations, it in itself provides a legal basis for dealing with these tasks.

How long do we save data

We do not save your data longer than we need. Depending on what the data is to be used for, we save it for different lengths of time. From the fact that some data is not saved at all to some data being saved due to requirements from other regulations which then require us to save the information for a longer period of several years. Below is information about how long we save data about you: 

  • Information that you or your employer provide to us as well as other information that we use to manage you and your company as a customer is stored as long as you are customers of us at Ebbot and then 12 months after the end of the contract.
  • Information stored after you have been in contact with our chat or email support is saved for 12 months after your company is no longer a customer of Ebbot.

  • For the data we store in order to comply with the legal requirements of the Accounting Act, this information is stored for a longer period than above, at least 7 years.

How we share your data


For parts of our services, we hire subcontractors to provide the services. In order for them in turn to be able to deliver services to us, they need to some extent information about you as a customer with us. The data about you that our suppliers receive from us, the supplier may never use for any purpose other than to provide the services to us and according to the terms and conditions we provide.

Outside the EU /EEA

Some of our subcontractors have operations and provide services in/from countries other than Sweden or the EU/EEA. If we share data about you with any supplier that has operations in countries outside the EU/EEA, we ensure that the processing of your data is done in accordance with this policy and according to the laws and regulations that apply to Swedish citizens.

Authorities and emergency services

Ebbot is obliged to disclose information about you that complies with the government decision on request by law and government order. This could include, for example: information provided to the police in an ongoing investigation.

We protect your data

Protecting your data, we think at Ebbot is a matter of course, therefore we take all appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data. We therefore work to prevent, prevent and identify undue access, alteration, or destruction of your data.

We use cookies

When you are on our website, we follow what you do by using cookies. We only use cookies or other similar technologies if you agree to this. When you enter our website there is an information box that Ebbot uses cookies and that by continuing to browse the website you are considered to give consent to us installing cookies on the device you use. 

The cookies we leave on your device when you are on or using Ebbot Chat are:

Google Analytics - is used to analyze visitor activity on the Site. You cannot be identified based on this information. This cookie is permanent and set by Google.

Session Cookies – This Cookie we automatically place when you are on the page follows the features you use on the page, for example, that after logging in you remain logged in when you browse the different pages. This is permanently stored on your device.

Microsoft Clarity -  is used to capture how you use and interact with our website through behavioral metrics, heatmaps, and session replay to improve and market our products/services.  For more information about how Microsoft collects and uses your data, visit the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

To delete cookies

Since most browsers are pre-set to accept cookies, you need to change the settings in your browser if you no longer want to collect cookies. You can always choose to clear out the cookies stored on your device, even in your browser settings.

You who are users and visitors of our website and services understand and accept the functionality, quality and availability of the service may be impaired or hindered if you do not agree to the use of cookies. Ebbot is not responsible for information placed on or retrieved from your device through a cookie from a location other than

You own your personal data

We collect information about you, but you are the owner of this information. As the owner of the data, you have the right to impose certain requirements on us who handle your data.
  • You can order out an extract of the personal data we store and handle about you and the ways in which this information is handled
  • You can request that we correct any incorrect information about your information
  • You may request to be deleted, under the conditions that we do not have to retain this data due to any other law.
  • You may request that we limit the processing of your data for a period of time.
  • You can request your data in order to move and use elsewhere.

To use your right to any of the above points please contact us and specify what you wish, please use those contact details at the top of this page.

Infringement & complaint

If you believe that we do not handle your data in accordance with applicable regulations, we appreciate your notice of this. Through the contact details at the top of this page.

Data Protection Officer
With the aim of monitoring compliance with those rules for the protection of personal data, ebbot has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO). If you would like to get in touch with our DPO, please contact them by email address at the top of this page.