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The complete platform for meeting customers digitally.  

90% of conversations handled by chatbot

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Keep customers

Never neglect a customer again with 24/7 support and zero wait time.

Reduce costs

Automate simple tasks. Work more efficiently with a smaller team.

Increase sales

Welcome website visitors with the right message at the right time and help them through their buying journey.

100% GDPR Compliant

EU hosted through OVH, our platform is 100% compliant with GDPR.

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Discover our platform

With AI, Ebbot's language comprehension improves over time. Ebbot understands the context between sentences and has support for over 80 languages. Easy to set up, easy to train.
cut response time
Next generation chat tools. Our LiveChat uses Ebbot's AI functionality to streamline a customer service agent's everyday life.
smart chat
Product finder
Our Product finder offers your customers expert guidance on demand at any time. Making it easy for your customers to find the right products and accessories.
Product finder
Messenger Broadcast
Build a subscriber list on Messenger where you can broadcast interactive news and marketing campaigns that engages customers on a whole new level.
Messenger Broadcast
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A solution for every industry

Customer service

Automate repetitive questions

Your new digital first line agent works as a first layer to all your support enquiries. Filter out the simple questions and leave the more complex questions to humans.

Always available

Open 24/7. Zero wait time. With the Ebbot platform you never leave a customer hanging.
ecommerce conversation

Convert more visitors into customers

Help customers find what they're looking for quicker. Turn more maybes into yeses.

Improve online shopping experience

Stop confused customers from leaving their cart and help them finish their purchase with high levels of satisfaction.
energy conversation

Be the best

Stand out from competitors by offering an amazing experience. In an industry where everyone sells the exact same thing it's the little (but oh so important) things that matter.

Invoices, moving, prices -- all automated

Help your customers with their most common enquiries, automatically. Resend invoices, help them move in or out, or explain price changes.
real estate conversation

Keep residents updated

Get the right information out to all residents visiting your website. Make information easier to find, instantly.

Redirect correctly

Point all residents in the right direction instantly, with no wait time.

Always available.

Be available to your residents, day and night.
b2b conversational marketing conversation

Your lead machine

Meet buyers at the right stage in their buying journey the moment they land on your website. Convert more visitors into leads.

The voice of your brand

Greet visitors with the right message and the right tonality. Bring a human touch to your digital space.
municipality conversation

Become digital the right way

Safest way to talk to citizens online with encrypted identification. EU hosting. GDPR compliant, and WCAG approved availability capabilities.

Serve your citizens, at scale.

Be available for many at once, any time of day. Turn your citizens into the most informed citizens in the country.

The most compliant Customer Experience Platform out there

  • 100% GDPR Compliant
    We host all our data on OVH Cloud located in France, safely within the EU.
  • WCAG 2.1 AA Compatible
    Our platform is fully compliant in accordance with WCAG 2.1 AA.
  • Control your data
    Our customers own their data and can customise how long they want to keep it.
  • Encrypted data
    With our dishwasher functionality, we can ensure all personal information is completely safe. Nothing is stored longer than you want to, and everything is encrypted.

Integrated with your favorite apps

Automated support for every messaging channel.
Let the chatbot create and update tickets.
Plug in to your favourite CRM
Get bright
Get bright

Don't take our word for it!

As we sell a platform for Customer Experience, we need to have the best CX ourselves. Hear our customers out! 
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We love the product, the people, and just the all around feeling in our partnership with Ebbot.

They offer a smarter and more effective way to communicate with customers, and their own support is above and beyond our expectations. The product is extremely user friendly and easy to understand. We are so happy about this partnership and look forward to keep working together!

- - Anna Bäck
Customer Service Director, Bubbleroom
We love the product, the people, and just the all around feeling in our partnership with Ebbot.
Quotation mark

The collaboration with Ebbot has been magical in every way.

Smooth and easy implementation, straightforward and clear communication and the whole package was tailored to our needs and wishes.

- Dino Burazer
Bot specialist, Rusta
dino bot specialist rusta
Quotation mark

We have been looking at chatbots for a long time but they have not met our expectations

Hello Ebbot's product is smart and intuitive and we have only positive experiences with the partnership.

- Mikaela Loch
Customer Experience Team Lead,
mikaela nelly

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