Stockholm, Sweden, October 12, 2023

Ebbot announces partnership with Sitevision, a leading Swedish content management system (CMS), and launches a Live Chat and Chatbot add-on module in the Sitevision marketplace.

In recent years, advancements in AI technology have led to an increase in the use of chatbots for customer support on Swedish websites. However, research reveals that only a mere 10% of Swedish municipalities and regions have integrated AI into their websites. Ebbot and Sitevision are committed to changing this statistic.

Shared vision for personalized experiences

As a take-off of their partnership, Ebbot now launches their AI-driven chat tool as an optional add-on feature, available in the Sitevision marketplace. Sitevision, one of Sweden's largest content management systems (CMS), is used by over a thousand Swedish websites visited by hundreds of thousands of Swedes. Together, Ebbot and Sitevision aim to provide better and faster assistance, reducing support costs and allowing employees to focus on more complex issues.

Nadia Cabezas, Partner Manager at Sitevision, expresses excitement over the partnership, stating:

"Both Sitevision and Ebbot are Swedish-born innovations. Together, we can bridge the gap between human interaction and technology, empowering our mutual clients to craft tailored experiences on their websites, bolster sales, and elevate the quality of customer service and citizen engagement."

Gustav Elveros, Principal Sales Manager at Ebbot, echoes this sentiment and highlights the unique advantages of the Ebbot chat tool, stating:

"While live chat and chatbots in customer support are not new, this module equips Sitevision's clients with a chat tool that truly surpasses expectations. It delivers superior and quicker assistance, ultimately reducing support costs and allowing staff to focus on more complex tasks."

The Ebbot module

The Ebbot module is now available as an optional feature in the Sitevision marketplace, offering seamless integration of the chat widget. Users can opt to use live chat and chatbot functionalities individually or in combination as per their specific needs.

For further information about the module and how to get started, please visit the Sitevision marketplace.

About Ebbot

Ebbot is a Swedish tech company founded in 2018 and is now one of Sweden's leading platforms for live chat and chatbot solutions. With extensive experience in customer service, powerful integrations, and a user-friendly platform, Ebbot helps companies automate and streamline their online customer support without compromising the customer experience. The platform is currently used by major Swedish players such as Rusta, NetOnNet,, and Bubbleroom, as well as several energy companies and municipalities.

About Sitevision

Sitevision is a CMS that makes it easy to create and update digital workplaces, intranets, and websites. Sitevision equips you with the right tools so you have time to boost employee engagement, productivity, and conversions. Sitevision has had the most satisfied customers in the market since 2009, according to the independent analysis firm Web Service Award. Customers include Scania, the Swedish Tax Agency, Telenor, and the City of Malmö.

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