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Where is my order?

4 out of 5 customers want to know where their order is when contacting support. This is one of the biggest customer service challenges for Ecommerce companies and at Ebbot we help you automate it on different levels.

Level 1 - Just automate collecting the order number.

This is an easy step that can save a lot of time. We do this with our chatbot and then we pass on the conversation to a human that can look up the order right away. This saves more time than you think! 

Level 2 - Collect tracking number and Insert in transportation company URL

In cases where the transportation company provides sufficient information, it can be enough to automatically guide customers to their tracking page. We can do this by letting the bot collect a tracking number and then paste it into a URL link to guide the customer to the right page. We can combine this with additional identification to increase privacy and security. 

Level 3 - Automating order follow up by integrating to ticketing system

If the tracking information is not enough we can automate the process of following up an order by automatically creating a ticket. We integrate to the most common ticketing systems out there, like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Topdesk and Dixa.

Level 4 - Fully automated with integrations to both transportation and ticketing systems

With both integrations in place, it is possible to automate the whole process. Customers can check their orders, and if the information is not sufficient, start an investigation by opening up a ticket, without a single human touch point. 

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Start conversations

Proactively reach out to your visitors with our Conversation Starters. Trigger messages based on visitor behavior – anything from time on page to button clicks to items left in shopping cart.

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start conversations
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Hello Ebbot's product is smart and intuitive and we have only positive experiences with the partnership.

- Mikaela Loch
Customer Experience Team Lead,
Hello Ebbot's product is smart and intuitive and we have only positive experiences with the partnership.

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