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About Ebbot

With high expectations and low patience - providing great service at scale can be a real challenge. But not anymore. 

Ebbot is here to rewrite the rulebook, to bring customer service back to what it should be - excellent. So cast aside those old frustrations and poor experiences. With Ebbot, providing a silver platter of top-tier service isn't just a goal, it's a promise. And that's the new standard.

Founded in 2018 by three visionary service experts with a background in telecom and a rich history of building an award-winning customer service organization. Their past successes and experiences in creating a customer service that has repeatedly been praised for its excellence are the cornerstones of our DNA.

At Ebbot, every day is a chance to revolutionize the customer service experience. Our magic? A perfect harmony of advanced AI and a passion for customer service like no other. We transform customer inquiries into opportunities for exceptional service with lightning-fast precision, where our customers' joy is our top priority.
Today, we are proud to say that over 200 companies use our platform to elevate their customer service. Through AI-driven chatbots and live chat features, we transform every customer interaction into a positive and memorable experience. Our commitment to continuous innovation means we are constantly developing new AI models, providing our clients with greater flexibility and the ability to exceed expectations.

What really sets Ebbot apart is our deep-rooted experience in the world of customer service. We are not just a technology company; we are a collection of customer service experts who use technology to create unparalleled experiences. Our vision is to permanently reshape the customer service industry and build lasting relationships, one customer at a time.

Join us on our journey at Ebbot - where the future of customer service is not only here, but it is groundbreaking and more exciting than ever.



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"I used to think Customer Service wasn’t important, but now I’m an Ebboteer."

"I was tackled by an Ebboteer on my way to work yesterday. Just kidding, an Ebboteer would never do that."
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Automating service at scale fast, easy and secure.


Our platform is designed for you to get started quickly and easily, so that you can begin improving your customer service almost immediately.


We are dedicated to GDPR compliance and secure data handling, which gives our customers the ability to tailor the system to their security policies.


Our user-friendly platform makes integration and daily management a breeze, giving you more time to focus on what really matters - your business.

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