Live Chat. But harder, better, faster, stronger.

Juggle multiple chats per agent with ease. Collaborate live with your chatbot or ticketing system. Fully automate parts of conversations while keeping full control.
A better support experience
Cut steps required to speak to a person
Handle more customers per agent
Cut response times

Solves the biggest problem in customer service. Overload.

We all know that super-agent that can handle 12 customers at once in the chat. Not everyone can be like that though. Until now. 

We’ve made handling multiple chats easier than ever. With help of the AI technology we use in our chatbots, the agent is more powerful than ever – handling more chats, with better accuracy. 
solve overload customer service
Radio waves

All the features you've ever wanted in a live chat

Control your chat flows better by sending the right chats to the right people in your organisation based on their skills. Every agent can add skills to their account that will sort the chats based on what the customer asks about.
skills chatbot
Quick replies
Your standard customer service macros made even smarter. Base your quick replies on replies already existing in the chatbot. Find the right response based on what the chatbot would have said. Making conversations lightning fast.
quick replies chatbot
With autopilot, agents can pass the conversation over to the chatbot when possible. This is particularly useful when customer information needs to be collected. Just let Ebbot collect information while the agent talks to other customers.
Power ups
With Ebbot Power Ups, your agents can enable powerful integrations. Identify the customer with BankID or create a ticket in Zendesk with just the push of a button.
power up chatbot chat
Intelligence sidebar
Get all customer information gathered in one place. See where on your website the customer has looked, review previous cases, and get a handle on what services/products customers have with you. All gathered in one place.
intelligence sidebar chatbot
Make your brand talk. Customize everything from colors to fonts on your chat-widget. Making your chat stand out from the generic widgets out there.
Quotation mark

Since we started with the Ebbot platform, Smart Live Chat combined with our chatbot is our best performing channel for customer satisfaction.

In our meetings with Ebbot it’s been easy to discuss complex customer service strategy and at the same time we’re able to bring our developers and deep dive into the technical aspects of the project. All this has made this partnership stand out a lot from other solution providers we’ve worked with.

- Emma Löfström
Customer Service Director, Byggmax
emma byggmax chatbot

Integrate your support eco system

Create tickets without leaving the chat
Get customer information
Send chats to partners
Bright energy
Bright energy

Experience the future of support 🔮

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