Generative AI fine-tuned for service

Generative AI fine-tuned for service

Explore EbbotGPT, our proprietary Large Language Model (LLM) fine-tuned for service and backed by enterprise-level security. 
EU hosted & GDPR compliant
Stays within context
Answers based on company-specific data
Trained on curated service conversations

A GPT model designed for customer support

Unlike other options on the market that rely on integrating to general GPT models, EbbotGPT offers versatile and GDPR-compliant hosting options that give you full control over your data — all while harnessing the natural and human-like language of generative AI.
Radio waves

A GenAI chatbot that won't go rogue.

Unlike general GPT models, EbbotGPT is designed for business needs and customized to provide only answers based on your business's unique data. This preventing your chatbot from going rogue and giving off-topic or misleading responses.

Tech you crave. Security you need.

Versatile hosting options

Breaking away from the norm, we're proud to offer a range of data hosting options. Depending on what suits your business needs, we're offering both EU and other alternatives.

Human-like conversations. For real.

Much like how people interact with ChatGPT, EbbotGPT excels at making conversations feel human-like - effortlessly understanding and answering even the most complex questions, even those comprising multiple queries.

No more dead ends.

No more responses like "I'm sorry, I didn't understand that" or "I haven't been trained on that question yet" - EbbotGPT ensures your customers are never left high and dry, optimizing engagement and driving customer satisfaction skyward.

Easy deployment

Instead of mapping out possible incoming questions and pre-writing what you want the chatbot to answer on each question - EbbotGPT can use existing content as a knowledge base and generate unique answers based on this.

Demo EbbotGPT with your own support content

Book a demo with one of our experts and get a custom demo of how EbbotGPT would work with your support content. 

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