The AI Chatbot that actually works

Be available for your customers 24/7 and give better help quicker all while reducing your costs for support with a chatbot.
93% of questions handled by chatbot.
24/7 Availability
Cut response times
Serve more customers
Increase customer satisfaction
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The next generation of chatbots.

  • Always a next step
    Our chatbot understands a clear majority of the questions and will always look for the next step, whether that is provide some button options or transfer smoothly to a human colleague.
  • Backup from a strong team
    We know customer experience. And we help all our customers build their customer journeys. On the off chance that our chatbot does not understand something, we will guide you to the next step without friction, and without impacting your experience.
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A chatbot that makes you happy instead of frustrated

Natural language processing
It’s hard to predict the exact phrase someone will use. Instead of needing exact words, Our chatbot recognizes phrases that are similar to each other.
natural language processing nlp
Contextual understanding
Follow-up questions can be tricky for chatbots. That is why we built contextual understanding into our chatbot. Handle several topics and complex chains of follow up questions and make your full with awe.
contextual understanding example
Language support
Our chatbot speaks over 80 languages! Thanks to our partnership with Neural Space we are able to cover a wide range of languages all while maintaining a high level of understanding in every language.
language support chatbot ai
Interactive reply cards
The future of digital conversations is less static text and more dynamic experiences. With our interactive chat-cards a conversation is never boring, and the experience is always seamless.
interactive reply cards
Drag and drop bot builder
We make bot-building easy. Anyone in your organization can learn to build chatbots in a matter of minutes with our drag and drop functionality. Create replies to all your frequently asked questions in the shortest possible time.
bot builder ai
Make your brand talk. Customize everything from colors to fonts on your chat-widget. Making your chat stand out from the generic widgets out there.

Integrated with your favorite apps

Support for every messaging channel
Let the chatbot create tickets for you
Get bright
Get bright

Let’s make customer service more effective

The right way to automate support is to view the chatbot as a first filter, not a complete replacement. The chatbot should filter out the majority of simple questions, while letting agents in the Livechat handle more complex questions. The remaining questions can then go to a ticketing system for further investigation. The result is that every customer is handled with as much efficiency as possible. 
human vs chatbot

Forget FAQs. Embrace a more dynamic way to get answers

No one wants to read several pages to answer their question. A chatbot is dynamic and benefits from conversation to only communicate exactly what a visitor is looking for. By listening to the visitor's question and asking relevant follow-up questions, you can quickly zoom in on a problem, and come up with short answers.
a more dynamic way to get answers
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We love the product, the people, and just the all around feeling in our partnership with Ebbot.

They offer a smarter and more effective way to communicate with customers, and their own support is above and beyond our expectations. The product is extremely user friendly and easy to understand. We are so happy about this partnership and look forward to keep working together!

- Anna Bäck
Customer Service Director, Bubbleroom
We love the product, the people, and just the all around feeling in our partnership with Ebbot.

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Deliver personalized experiences and scale up your support team with our AI Chatbot.

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