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The 4 most common questions and how we handle them.

Almost all energy companies have the same 4 questions that are most frequently asked. We worked with many of you and we´re starting to get the hang of solving them in the best way possible.


Moving involves reporting the move to your energy company. This usually means collecting a lot of data that the customer does not always know on the spot. We design customer journeys so that all the data can be collected in its own time without slowing down the support process. 

Error report

We aim to make error reports that collect the right information every time without involving a human. We have a proven track record of doing this easily with every customer we’ve worked with. 


Invoices are tricky. We often need to integrate the invoicing system to give a fully automated experience (this is possible). If “my pages'' are available we can instruct the customer to log in there to find their invoice. Last resort is that we encourage the customer to check their inbox and search in the junk folder – or we can always create an automated ticket for a person to follow up. 

Sustainable energy

Questions about sustainable energy are very common these days and are simply solved by just preparing all the answers in the chatbot like an intelligent FAQ. One of the easiest types of questions for a chatbot-company to automate. 

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Better than FAQ. Easier to implement.

No one wants to read several pages to answer to their question. A chatbot is dynamic and benefits from conversation to only communicate exactly what a visitor is looking for. By listening to the visitor's question and asking relevant follow-up questions, you can quickly zoom in on a problem, and come up with short answers.
energy conversation example
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What you get.

AI chatbot
Our AI Chatbot is powered by the latest technology in machine learning and has a proven track record of working as an efficient channel for some of Sweden's most efficient energy companies. We automate your frequently asked questions and put them in an amazing conversational experience. We achieve an understanding rate of 60-80% within the first weeks of launching the bot.
AI chatbot
Smart Live Chat Platform for humans
Our chat platform for agents is one of the most efficient on the market today. Used by many of Sweden’s largest e-commerce companies, it has become the support agent’s best friend.
Smart Live Chat Platform for humans
Create tickets without leaving the platform
We plug into your ticketing system with a simple integration!
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Quotation mark

We clearly see that the chatbot has resulted in fewer chats in need of human interference

- Josefin Jinnestrand
Head of Customer Service & Demand and Supply
Quotation mark

Ebbot came in at a crucial time, and have really helped us with the flood of customers coming to support.

- Thomas Pettersson
Service Development, GodEl

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