How Aktiespararna reached a new target group with Messenger broadcasting

How Aktiespararna reached a new target group with Messenger broadcasting

Avg. Opening rate 30%
Extended target group
Real-time broadcasts of news & tips
Avg. Click-rate 14.7%
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Helping Swedes with their savings since 1965

With over 70,000 members, Aktiespararna can proudly title themselves as the world's largest membership organization for people seeking successful investments in stocks and funds. With their independent knowledge, guidance, and tools, Aktiespararna is a reliable resource to help you make better investments that will grow you and your money.

The challenge

Like many other organizations, Aktiespararna has long depended on email to reach their members. However, with today's overcrowded inboxes, it's common for emails to go unopened or unnoticed. That's why Aktiespararna now were in search of a new channel.

A channel enabling fast and easy communication of important information. A user-friendly channel that doesn't burden the editors with excessive time or resources. A channel targeted at younger audiences.

A channel like Messenger.

Goal: Deliver real-time valuable buying advice, tips, and articles to members, and increase brand presence in the younger target audience.


The perfect channel for customer loyalty

Businesses must be where their customers are. And with 1.3 billion unique users every month, Messenger is undoubtedly one of the largest platforms people spend their time.

With Messenger, companies can quickly and easily reach customers and offer a personalized and interactive experience.

An experience building loyalty.

The solution

In the Ebbot platform, Aktiespararna's web editors can easily create, schedule, and distribute communication.

Unlike their other communication channels, Messenger opens up the opportunity to deliver news in real-time, giving members immediate access to valuable tips and advice compared to the traditional newsletter.

Subscribers are collected through opt-in links found within articles on the website. Should a subscriber wish to pause the subscription, they can easily do so directly within the Messenger interface, without having to exit the conversation.
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The platform is very intuitive and easy to use.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to create, preview, and schedule communications without spending too much time on them.

- Jessika Bouveng
Web editor, Aktiespararna
The platform is very intuitive and easy to use.
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The results

High engagement

Aktiespararna has achieved impressive results in a short period. With an average opening rate of 30% and an average click rate of 14,74%, it's clear that their members actively engage with the delivered content.

Explosive subscriber growth

The real triumph for Aktiespararna is the tremendous growth of subscribers. In the very first month, Aktiespararna witnessed a 292% boost in subscriber growth compared to a previous, similar broadcasting service.

Expanding reach among the younger audience

Using Messenger as a new way to communicate, Aktiespararna has opened up a channel that makes them more relevant and helps them build strong connections with a younger audience. That is especially important because this audience hasn't been as engaged in their email marketing efforts.
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Great teamwork.

The team at Ebbot is always available and quick to provide support if any issues arise.

- Eric Emanuelsson
Editor-in-Chief, Aktiespararna
Great teamwork.

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