Reach customers directly on Messenger

Become part of your customers' inner circle with visual and interactive broadcasts directly in Messenger. The perfect channel for marketing and customer loyalty.
5x higher engagement than sms & email
3x higher open-rate than email
Radio waves

Be where your customers are

Campaigns and news directly in the Messenger inbox

Your subscribers receive a notification in Messenger that you sent a message, just like when a friend writes. The customer can then interact with your broadcasted content, like a chatbot. Use emojis, gifs, videos, and galleries for an extraordinary customer experience.

Three simple steps

1. Collect subscribers

Your website visitors can with just one click subscribe to receive your communication in Messenger.

2. Compose a broadcast

Our no-code message builder allows anyone to easily compose an interactive Messenger broadcast.

3. Schedule the broadcast

Select a time when the message should be broadcasted to your Messenger subscribers.

Build a conversational broadcast in minutes

  • Drag and drop flow builder
    Design your flow with a complete overview that lets you add interactive and visual elements to your conversation.
  • Truly personalized
    Add conditional logic and variables to create a truly personalized customer experience.

Twice the subscriber growth of email and sms

Our opt-in form collects subscribers in Messenger with just one click while seamlessly blending into your website. Growing your list of subscribers in Messenger with minimal effort.

Become more personal

Use the data from customer interactions with your broadcasts to become more personal. You can easily segment audiences to increase the relevance of your communication.

Start your Messenger marketing journey today! 🚀

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