coeo Inkassos is rapidly growing and aims to be one of Sweden's largest debt collection agencies in the next five years. Focusing on customer experience as a central strategy, coeo has now set itself apart by becoming the first in the industry to offer 24/7 support with generative AI.

Since its start in 2022, the Swedish debt collection agency coeo Inkasso has quickly become a key partner to several of Sweden's leading merchant platforms, including Klarna, whose recently notable investments in generative AI mirror coeo's initiatives to use technology to enhance customer experience:

"We view debt collection as a natural part of the customer journey. If the purchasing process is smooth, any debts should be easy to handle, too. That's why we're always looking to improve our customer experience," explains Henrik Ask, CCO at coeo.

Last spring, coeo introduced Glenn, its first AI-driven chatbot. Taking it a step further, they've now enhanced Glenn with generative AI, with the help of the AI company Ebbot.

As the first and only company in the Nordics, Ebbot has developed its own generative AI model tailored for customer service. Their in-house Large Language Model (LLM), EbbotGPT, is fine-tuned for service, tailored to only generate answers based on company-specific information, and is fully GDPR-compliant.

Thanks to EbbotGPT, Glenn can pull information from coeo's website, FAQs, and public sources, such as Inkassolagen and Kronogogden, to provide tailored and relevant responses.

Axel Lindgren, Technical Operations Specialist at coeo, sees great value in this upgrade:

"EbbotGPT not only saves us time by training the chatbot automatically, but it also makes conversations flow more naturally, much like talking to a human."

Henrik Ask emphasizes that the investment in AI-based support is not just about automating repetitive tasks but equally about meeting customers' emotional needs:

"Our advisors play an incredibly important role in our service, but we know that some customers, given the sensitive nature of the matters, might prefer resolving sensitive issues through an AI chatbot rather than with a real person."

In 2024, coeo plans to further enhance its chatbot solution in partnership with Ebbot, adding new features that automatically identify logged-in customers and ensure accurate case management.

About coeo group

Established in 2010, coeo group is now one of the most successful debt collection service providers in Europe. Combining smart and modern solutions with in-depth knowledge of debt collection, coeo group delivers efficient and customer-focused debt collection through the expertise of its employees and the use of artificial intelligence. For more information, visit coeos website.

About Ebbot

Ebbot was founded in 2018 and is now one of Sweden's leading platforms for Live Chat and Chatbot solutions. With extensive experience in customer service, powerful integrations, and a user-friendly platform, Ebbot helps companies automate service at scale with generative AI. The platform is currently used by major Swedish and international players such as Compass Group, Rusta, NetOnNet and Estrid, as well as several energy companies and municipalities.