From Razor-Sharp to Robot-Smooth

From Razor-Sharp to Robot-Smooth

How the Swedish razor company Estrid took their customer experience to the next level with an AI chatbot.
4.4 average bot rating
Available on multiple markets
Insights on trending enquiries
96% solved by the bot

Changing the shaving
industry since 2019

Founded in 2019, Estrid came to revolutionize the shaving industry with their vegan and cruelty-free products and unique subscription model for razors. Since then, the brand has rapidly grown and is now one of the fastest-growing startups in Sweden, currently shipping to 14 countries across Europe.

And as Estrid's success continued to soar, their customer support needs started to grow... 

Goal: Manage the rising number of customer queries without compromising on exceptional and personalized support.

The solution

Effortless order management

Dealing with orders can be a hassle for both customers and businesses. Therefore, it was important for Estrid to ensure that the chatbot could handle order queries with the same personal and solution-oriented approach as a human would. This was achieved by integrating the chatbot with the ordering system, so that the chatbot can automatically retrieve information about the order based on the data provided by the customer and provide assistance with returns or complaints if needed.

Fully integrated with Zendesk

For  more complex cases requiring human attention, the chatbot's integration with Zendesk ensures a smooth handover to the support team. By collecting relevant information and generating tickets directly in the chat, the chatbot streamlines the support process, reduce delays and improves the customer experience. 

Quick reply templates

To ensure that their brand voice remains consistent across all customer communication channels, Estrid are using the quick reply feature. The feature allows live chat agents to create bespoke templates tailored to fit the Estrid brand, adding personality to their live chats while maintaining that crucial consistency.

Leveraging agent skills

With chatbots deployed in multiple markets, Estrid makes the most of their agents' capabilities by assigning them skills based on what languages they speak, allowing them to help customers in different chat queues depending on their language needs. By optimizing their resources, Estrid can provide more efficient and personalized support to their customers worldwide.
Quotation mark

The Ebbot team has been super-willing to help and eager to take on our feedback and creating tailored solutions when needed.

- Emily Thalheimer
CX Operations Coordinator, Estrid
The Ebbot team has been super-willing to help and eager to take on our feedback and creating tailored solutions when needed.
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The Results

Widely available

Estrid's chatbot Charly is already available in four markets, including the UK, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands.

96% solved by the bot

The UK bot was the first to launch, and since then it has solved approximately 1500 cases/month with an average solving rate of 96%. This high level of productivity is equivalent to the workload of multiple customer service agents, allowing Estrid to save valuable time and resources.

Exceptional Customer Ratings

With an impressive average rating of 4.41 (!), the UK Chatbot is a true testament to the success of Estrid's chatbot implementation.

Proactive solutions

By utilizing the chatbot to provide insights on trending enquiries, Estrid's team can proactively train the chatbots before specific campaigns or limited-time offerings. As a result, customers receive tailored solutions without any delay.

Reduced support load from other channels

As customers shift to the chatbot from email for support, Estrid has seen a significant decrease in incoming email support cases.

Key factors for success

  • Clear plan and vision.
    Before choosing a chatbot provider, Estrid knew exactly what they wanted their chatbot to do. They had a clear idea of the questions they wanted it to answer, the tone of voice it should have, and what other systems it needed to integrate with to make the customer experience as smooth as possible.
  • Involving the team.
    Estrid involved their whole customer service team in planning, testing, and maintaining the chatbot. By getting feedback from those who know their customers best, they could create a chatbot designed to be as effective as possible.
  • Continuous training & maintenance.
    By regularly dedicating time and resources to the ongoing training and maintenance of the chatbots, they ensure it stays up-to-date with new customer inquiries and evolving customer needs, enabling them to catch and resolve issues before they become bigger problems.
  • Tailored Solutions and Expert Support.
    Estrid wanted to ensure they had a chatbot provider who could deliver tailored solutions for their needs. They were relieved to find such a partner in the Ebbot team, who not only took the time to listen to their feedback but actively encouraged it. Estrid felt heard and understood throughout the process, and the Ebbot team's willingness to go the extra mile left a lasting impression.

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