Stockholm, Sweden, November 6, 2023.

Swedish insurance provider Gofido is taking a significant step in its commitment to delivering exceptional customer service by officially launching EbbotGPT. This marks a historic milestone as Gofido becomes the first insurance provider in Sweden to integrate generative AI into its customer support chatbot.

Gofido has long used AI chatbot technology to enforce its support team. Now, they are taking another stride forward by enhancing their existing chatbot solution with generative AI technology through EbbotGPT, a bespoke GPT model developed by Ebbot. The model is built on the same technology as ChatGPT but optimized for customer support.

Simon Cederholm, CEO of Gofido, explains the advantages brought by the new technology:

Generative AI enables us to offer a more personalized and tailored customer experience, as the chatbot can adapt its responses to each customer's specific questions. It's like having an expert available 24/7 to answer any inquiries.

Gofido's current chatbot solution handles approximately 65% of all customer inquiries. With the implementation of EbbotGPT this figure is expected to increase. Gofido's goal is for its chatbot to manage up to 85% of customer inquiries within six months, freeing up resources more and further reducing customer wait times.

Oliver Young, Product Manager at Ebbot, highlights the differences between previous technologies and generative AI:

Traditional AI chatbots have been limited to responding to pre-programmed questions. EbbotGPT takes us beyond this and gives companies the ability to have an AI chatbot that can generate unique responses based on specific company data. This is crucial in customer support, where you don't want the bot to make answers, such as recommending a competing product or service.

All customer data handled by EbbotGPT is stored within the European Union and complies with all laws and regulations regarding the processing of personal information.

With the implementation of EbbotGPT, Gofido can keep providing a first-class customer experience while streamlining its internal processes.

About Gofido

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About Ebbot

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