How Eidar succeeded to make real estate support personalized, convenient & available

How Eidar succeeded to make real estate support personalized, convenient & available


Since 1947, the residential real estate company Eidar has offered homes for all Trollhättans citizens.

One of Eidars top priorities has always been to deliver first-class support to their residents. But with increasing support enquiries and a higher demand on availability - Eidar needed to do something.

The solution

The project with Ebbot got divided into two phases.

In the first phase, the AI-driven chatbot 'Eida' was developed. Eida was trained to automate repetitive questions and provide residents with support in all real estate-related questions.

The next phase, with an estimated takeoff in the second half of 2022, involves an integration with the property management system Momentum. This will enable Eida to handle more complex enquiries, create error reports directly in the chat, and forward the report to the property management system. Another part of the second phase is that the chatbot will be able to see if a resident is logged in to "My pages" or not and adapt the communication to the individual.


87% handled by the bot. Without human intervention.

After three months, the bot had solved almost 90% av all incoming chats. And in cases with more complex enquiries - the chatbot collects all necessary information and forwards the enquriy to a human agent by email. 

Valuable insights on trending enquiries.

In the bot training center, service workers find what kinds of questions residents ask Eida and can fast pick up when an enquiry starts trending and take action. For example. update the information on the website or enter a custom message in the chatbot. Taking this into account the chatbot has become a great tool for business development. 

24/7 availability for all Trollhättans residents.

For Eidar, the most important aim of this project was increased availability. And with Eida as a reinforcement of their support team, they are now able to provide all their residents first-class support - no matter the day or hour! 

Quotation mark

The implementation process was very professional!

Ebbot's solution covered all of our needs, at a reasonable price without sacrificing either quality nor functionality.

- Kim Toivanen
Head of IT & business developement
The implementation process was very professional!

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