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The 4 challenges with automating Real Estate support

Automating Real Estate support can be tricky. Here are the four most common problems and how we solve them.

1: Old systems

Old systems is the classic party pooper in a digitization endeavor. Hard to integrate. Hard to get rid of. We solve this by building most of the customer journey independent from your old systems. But when crucial, we integrate the most essential functions. 

2: Long resolution times

An error report usually takes a few days to solve and often needs to be passed on a few times as well. We handle the expectations of the resident while providing as much information as possible when creating a ticket to quicken the resolution times immensely 

3: Easy-to-solve questions to hard-to-reach support agents

Many questions are simple FAQ questions that always have the same answer. The challenge is to make these answers available and not hide them somewhere in a FAQ on the website. Keep them always available in the chat anywhere on the site!  

4: Residents check once and forget

When a resident moves in they are interested to learn more about how everything works in their new home. But if the information is nowhere to be found they quickly just assume that those types of problems are not solvable. Problems remain unsolved for their whole residency and the experience suffers. We solve this by keeping information available and proactively reach out when we have new ways of finding information available. 

Pioneers of Real Estate support


Better than FAQ. Easier to implement

No one wants to read several pages to answer to their question. A chatbot is dynamic and benefits from conversation to only communicate exactly what a visitor is looking for. By listening to the visitor's question and asking relevant follow-up questions, you can quickly zoom in on a problem, and come up with short answers.
Better than FAQ frequently asked questions
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What you get

AI Chatbot
Our AI Chatbot is powered by the latest technology in machine learning and has a proven track record of working as an efficient channel for some of Sweden's most efficient Real Estate companies. We automate your frequently asked questions and put them in an amazing conversational experience. We achieve an understanding rate of 60-80% within the first weeks of launching the bot.
AI Chatbot
SmartChat Platform for humans
Our chat platform for agents is one of the most efficient on the market today. Used by many of Sweden’s largest Ecommerce companies, it has become the support agent’s best friend.
SmartChat Platform for humans
Create tickets without leaving the platform
With our partnership with Vitec Software. we offer a powerful integration. Agents receive information about each case directly in the chat and can vice versa post new as well as update cases.
Create tickets without leaving the platform
Quotation mark

The implementation process was very professional!

Ebbot's solution covered all of our needs, at a reasonable price without sacrificing either quality or functionality.

- Kim Toivanen
Head of IT & business development, Eidar

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