Providing live chat support has become a must-have for businesses. It is the support channel customers prefer with the price tag businesses crave. But live chat has a lot more to offer. This is why we are thrilled to announce Conversational Live Shopping. A feature taking the live chat to the next level by enabling support agents to send product recommendations to customers directly in the chat widget.

Conversational Commerce: The Secret to Truly Personalized Shopping Experiences

Conversational Commerce has been a trending buzzword in e-commerce for a few years, with the promise of revolutionizing online shopping. Most of the advances in this new field have been observed in the eastern markets, particularly in Asia, where new shopping behaviors have emerged where customers turn to the chat for assistance during the shopping process.

The key to conversational commerce's success in Asia has been the development of new sales tools for human agents, which can be used to maximize customer engagement and monetize conversations. Western markets, however, have traditionally focused more on chatbots and automation.

But not anymore.

With the new Conversational Live Shopping feature - we bring Conversational Commerce to the West.

Win-Win for Customers and Agents 🤝

The new feature offers a multitude of benefits, such as

  • Streamlining the product recommendation process for agents
  • Empowering support agents to contribute to sales
  • Providing customers with a more personal shopping experience

Plus, you can track sales generated from recommendations made by your agents, and keep tabs on your support team's contributions to achieving company sales goals.

Companies using live chat benefit from a 28% boost in agent productivity

How to get started with the Conversational Live Shopping

If you already are an Ebbot Live chat customer, activating the Conversational Live Shopping feature is easy (and cost-free). The only thing you need to do is to prepare your product feed. After this, our team helps you to upload the feed and connect it to the live chat.

If you're new to Ebbot, don't worry – you can try the platform, including this new feature, for free for 30 days. Our support team is always here to assist you with any questions or help you need to get started.

So what are you waiting for? 😉

Empower your support team, delight customers, and boost your sales with Conversational Live Shopping.

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