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4 Cornerstones of Compliance

We take personal information seriously. You should too. Here are the best ways to protect your personal information, and we tick all the boxes in our platform.

1: EU Hosting

We host all our data on OVH Cloud located in France, safely within the EU. 


We are fully compliant with GDPR.
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3: Availability

Our platform is fully compliant in accordance with WCAG.
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4: Encryption

With our dishwasher functionality, we can ensure all personal information is completely safe. Nothing is stored longer than you want to, and everything is encrypted. 
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What you get

AI Chatbot
Our AI Chatbot is powered by the latest technology in machine learning and has a proven track record of working as an efficient channel for some of Sweden's most efficient municipalities. We automate your frequently asked questions and put them in an amazing conversational experience. We achieve an understanding rate of 60-80% within the first weeks of launching the bot.
AI Chatbot
Smart Live Chat platform for humans
Our chat platform for agents is one of the most efficient on the market today. Used by many of Sweden’s largest e-commerce companies, it has become the support agent’s best friend.
Smart Live Chat platform for humans
Create tickets without leaving the platform
With our partnership with IT Software, we offer a powerful integration with the service management tool TOPdesk. Agents receive information about each case directly in the chat and can vice versa post new as well as update cases. This can also be done with other major case management systems such as Zendesk and Freshdesk.
Create tickets without leaving the platform
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The implementation process was very professional!

Ebbot's solution covered all of our needs, at a reasonable price without sacrificing either quality or functionality.

- Kim Toivanen
Head of IT & business development, Eidar

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