A love story between a robot and one of the best customer service teams in Sweden.

A love story between a robot and one of the best customer service teams in Sweden.

130 000 customers helped by bot
24/7 Availability
Automated order handling
Constantly increasing Bot-satisfaction-rating


It was just a couple of weeks until Black Friday week 2021 when the bot project with Nelly.com started. From the start, Nelly was very dedicated to not only create something that would help them take the load off at a time where support volumes are extremely high. They also saw value in using a next generation support tool as a way to build brand, putting a lot of effort in the bot's tonality. 

Three simple steps:

  • 1. Focusing on big wins.
    By putting extra love into the most common questions (order, return & claims) the majority of incoming questions would be handled more or less automatically.
  • 2. Constant improvement = success
    Nelly realised early that working with a chatbot is an ongoing project. They were dedicated from the start to constantly look for improvements and better ways to communicate with their customers.
  • Bot tonality = Brand building
    Nelly saw their chatbot as an opportunity to work with tonality at scale. Every bot answer has been delicately crafted to be in line with Nelly's brand. This created a feeling that the bot was "alive" from the get go.

Fully integrated with Zendesk

The Zendesk integration makes it possible to create tickets seamlessly. Whether it's a return, claim or tracking an order, tickets are created automatically from the chatbot. 

The chatbot collects the right information depending on the situation so that the handling time becomes minimal when a human agent steps in.

The integration also makes it possible for agents to create tickets while in a conversation without having to leave the chat platform. 


  • 1. Collection
    The chatbot asks for an order number or email adress.
  • 2. Retrieval
    Based on this information, and an integration with Nelly's backend, the order can be found.
  • 3. Selection
    The customer can then choose what items they want to return.
  • 4. Ticket creation
    The bot creates a ticket in Zendesk with all the information needed to process the claim.

Order status

To make sure order status requests are handled as smoothly as possible, we integrated with Nelly's back office system. 

The chatbot collects a customer's order number or email adress. Based on the retrieved information, it can then tell the customer whether an order should have arrived by now or not. 

If the order should have arrived, but hasn't, the chatbot can send the customer to a human agent for further investigation. 

The chatbot can also give the correct tracking information to the customer based on the email address of the order. 

Other nuggets of greatness


At Nelly, the chatbot can check if the customer is eligible for a return or not before handing over to a human agent, saving both the customer and the customer service department a lot of time.

Dynamic opening hours

The Livechat and chatbot adapt how they collaborate according to the dynamic opening hours set by Nelly. This solution makes the workflow as efficient as possible depending on what resources are available at the time.

Quotation mark

We have been looking at chatbots for a long time but they have not met our expectations

Hello Ebbot's product is smart and intuitive and we have only positive experiences with the partnership.

- Mikaela Loch
Customer Experience Manager, Nelly.com
We have been looking at chatbots for a long time but they have not met our expectations

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